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Old furniture removal

Out with the old, in with the new… it’s a cyclic process that is part of life. That lounge suite you bought 15 years ago may once have been pristine but that was before the dog and kids got to it. Now, not only is the leather cracked, but it’s also not large enough to seat the whole family during movie marathons. But what do you do with it once you’ve bought that nice new lounge suite?

You could try and sell it, but will anyone really want to pay for it? Even if you sell it for $1 online, there is still the chance the buyer will change their mind when they see it. Then you’re still stuck with that old lounge suite taking up space. Some charity shops will come and collect old furniture, but what if they too decide it’s not worth on-selling and refuse to take it?

Knowing if your old trash is someone else’s treasure or just plain trash can be hard. That is where we come in, at Junk2Go we collect just about anything. Any items that still have life left in them are donated to charity shops to help give back to the community. Items that are no longer viable are ethically disposed of.


Old Couch/Furniture Removal Auckland


Minimalism is the idea that less is more. Fewer possessions and less clutter make for a cleaner mind and a simpler life. Living with less enables us to spend time living as opposed to dealing with life as an admin. If you only own three dishes, it’s much easier to wash them. The same goes with clothes.

If you have less to mess up your living space, you have less to clean. Simply, less stuff equals more time. While living with merely 20 possessions may not be for everyone, there is proof that clutter can cause stress.

The first step towards minimalism is to have a clean-out and cull all of your excess possessions. On assessment, you may find that you have a tonne of clothes, books, and even old furniture that you were keeping out of habit. Items you have kept piled in your spare room just for the sake of it. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to it?

Old furniture removal combined with rubbish removal

After a huge cleaning out it can be hard to make that final step. It’s one thing to decide what needs to go, it can be harder actually to get it out of the house. If you have large items to deliver to charity shops that could mean hiring a trailer. The same may apply for large volumes of rubbish that also need to go to the tip.

Why not hire a professional rubbish removal company to remove your unwanted possessions? Junk2Go not only takes large volumes of rubbish, but we can also take old furniture for donation. Save yourself the hassle of hiring a trailer or truck. And save yourself the heavy lifting!

What furniture can we take?

At Junk2Go we can take just about anything! New or old. Small or large. California king bed base? Large bookshelves? No worries!

Our large trucks can fit pretty much all kinds of furniture. What’s more, our professional rubbish removal team do all the heavy lifting, saving you from attempting to lift large and heavy items yourself. We take a wide range of items such as:

Outdoor furniture: barbecues, patio furniture, lawn swings, deck chairs.

Kitchen and dining: dining suites, cupboards, shelves, white ware.

Living room: couches, lounge suites, coffee tables, bookshelves.

Bedroom: beds, cupboards, drawers, shelves, bedside furniture.

Furniture removal process

When you hire a rubbish removal company like Junk2Go you will be surprised at how simple the process can be.

To start with, we give you an on-site quote. This is based on the items you have to be collected, be it rubbish or furniture for removal, and the time it will take us to load them up.

If you are happy with the quote, our team gets to work. What’s more, is that we do all of the work for you. You, the customer, are not required to lift even a finger. We do all the work and heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

As we collect items for removal, we assess if these can be donated to charity. If not, we dispose of them ethically. If so, we deliver them to a local charity shop.

Donations to local charity shops

It can be easy to think that your old furniture is just junk. However, a lot of times, old items can be given a new life with just a lick of paint.

Upcycling is a recent trend and revives countless items of tired furniture back to life with a little TLC. It can be an old cabinet that is missing a knob or a cupboard that is missing a drawer. Whatever the issue, some people love to spend their spare time hunting for old furniture to turn into an upcycled work of art. That is where you come in.

When you hire Junk2Go to remove your old furniture, you can rest assured knowing that what can be repurposed, will be repurposed.

Local charity shops also give back to the community in a range of ways. They offer second-hand goods at an affordable rate and their profits go back into the community to help those in need. Your old furniture may seem shabby to you, but for some, it could mean the difference between sleeping on the floor or in a warm bed.

Junk2Go for old furniture removal

Decluttering your home of unwanted furniture need not be a hassle. If you are thinking of hiring a trailer and asking friends to help lift old furniture around, why not hire a team of rubbish-removal professionals instead? Get the job done the easy way!

We do the hard work so that you can get on with your day. Call us at 0800 586 524 for a quote or book online today.