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Wheelie Bin Hire Alternative 

If you’ve got a small amount of extra junk in your home that needs disposing of, then hiring a wheelie bin can be a good option. But if you’re unsure of how much space your rubbish is going to take up and want to avoid the time and hassle involved in working out what size of bin you need and filling it up yourself, then why not opt for a junk removal service instead? 

Once you start looking at what could be thrown out, you’ll often be surprised by how much there is. Do you need 80 litres of space or 240? Or even a whole skip bin’s worth? As well as deciding a bin size in advance, you’ll have to check what you can actually put in it. Wheelie bin hire services often have quite tight restrictions on the types of rubbish they will collect.

Junk2Go on the other hand is able to collect most kinds of organic and inorganic rubbish, including green waste and e-waste. Whether you are embarking on a general declutter or just have an item or two that needs collecting, Junk2Go can accommodate you - we even offer same day rubbish pickup in most cases. 

Let Junk2Go Do the Hard Work for You 

Once you’ve booked a rubbish pickup with us, the Junk2Go team will arrive at the agreed time to do the collection. We will load up all the rubbish for you - no need for any heavy lifting or gauging how much bin space you need - and will even clean up after if needed to ensure no mess is left behind. 

Junk2Go is committed to environmentally responsible waste disposal and we recycle the items we collect or donate them for reuse wherever possible. If you have multiple types of rubbish then wheelie bin hire can mean having to organise hiring and filling multiple bins. With Junk2Go on the other hand all your waste can be collected together and we take care of the sorting for you. 

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