Skip Bin Hire Alternative

Try our skip bin hire alternative today

Rather than hire a skip bin, let us do all the hard work for you

Enjoy our eco-friendly and simple alternative to skip hire. With our service, you only pay for the space that your rubbish takes up. As part of the service, we will also load your rubbish for you, so you can save your energy and spend it completing your DIY project or clean-up.

Save the hassle of hiring a regular skip bin today

Junk2Go will:

  • Do all the loading of the rubbish for you and clean up afterwards
  • We only charge for the rubbish we take away 

We are Auckland’s trusted and most recognised brand for the removal of rubbish and junk, so you can be sure you’ll get great service and take the trouble out of loading your skip bin! Junk2Go offers an alternative to traditional waste disposal which means that you don’t have to lift a finger to clear your junk. We can do that for you. Call us today. We’ll arrange it all for you.

Skip Bin Hire Alternative

Skip bin hire alternative - Auckland locations

We offer our service in the greater Auckland region. See our map of locations or click each region for more information.

 Call 0800-586-524 to secure a booking.

Competitive pricing

We aim to make the pricing for our service as competitive as possible. Often we can work out to be less expensive than a regular skip bin when you take into account the cost of your time and for the bin itself. 

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Load sizes

Our rubbish removal box holds approximately 9 cubic meters of rubbish and waste (the same size as a standard-size large skip bin).

What do we do with the rubbish and junk we collect? 

We recycle or repurpose up to 70% of our collected items. Rest assured that we dispose of all rubbish responsibly. We care for the environment as much as we care about giving you great service. For more information see our FAQs.

Often we donate goods to local charities where possible too.

Why hire a skip bin if you can save time and energy with our skip bin alternative? 

With regular skip bin hire, you need to:

  • Pay for rental of the bin
  • Abide by restrictions on what you can put in the skip bin
  • Load all your junk into the skip bin.

Save with Junk2Go and use our skip bin hire alternative and let us do the hard work for you. Give us a call and get a quote now.

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