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Rubbish removal & recycling

For most New Zealanders, recycling is a way of life. Every week paper, plastics, metals and glass are put out on the footpath to be collected by council recycling trucks. The number of New Zealanders with access to roadside recycling services has increased. In 1996, only 20% of kiwis had access to roadside recycling services, but by 2006 this had increased to 73%. Now, 97% of us have access to some form of recycling service.

In New Zealand, landfilling is the most common method of solid waste disposal. Despite the increase in recycling, the rates of rubbish removal waste sent to landfill are still rising, with 2.467 million tonnes of solid waste disposed of at municipal landfills across NZ in the 2011 year.

Surprisingly, some of the most common items disposed of at landfill sites can easily be reused or recycled. Organic matter, for example, makes up approximately 23% of landfill waste and paper around 15%, this does not need to be the case. A lot of organic matter can, in fact, be composted and reused while paper products can also be recycled. By working to increase the number of items we recycle, we can effectively reduce the level of waste sent to landfills.

A hand placing a cardboard tube into a recycling pile for rubbish removal

What we can recycle during rubbish removal

When it comes to hiring a company for your rubbish removal, it is much easier if the said company is able to take a wide range of trash – not just green waste or household waste.

Luckily for our customers, we are happy to take a large variety of rubbish all at once – no need for you to sort out new from old, recycling from trash – we do all of that for you.

In New Zealand, a lot of product packaging can be recycled. Glass, paper, metal and plastic products – depending on their composition – can all be sent to recycling facilities, not simply to the landfill.

Rubbish removal recycling categories of paper, plastic, glass & metal


Plastics are some of the most commonly disposed of items but most of which can be easily recycled. Approximately 33,000 tonnes of plastic is recovered to be recycled for each year. However, we can always do better.

When it comes to recycling plastics, most are fine to be placed in your recycle bin. Plastic products are printed with a recycle code which tells us what their basic composition is. The majority of plastics are known as thermoplastics, these are manufactured as such so that their molecular structure allows them to be permanently fusible which means they can be melted down and recycled again and again.

Comparatively, thermoset plastics are products that cannot be melted down and reset. They are usually used to make more permanent items – like computer monitors or toys – though unfortunately these also find their way into landfills.

Most plastics can be recycled except for polystyrene, plastic wraps, old toys and plastic bags which tend to get stuck in recycling machines. You can, however, recycle plastic bags at most supermarkets.


The recycling of paper products is hugely important in New Zealand. One tonne of recycled paper saves approximately 31,700 litres of water! When paper is made from fresh wood it uses much more water than it does to make paper from recycled products. All clean paper products such as newspapers, magazines and cardboards can be recycled.


Glass products can be easily recycled, given that they have been rinsed or washed clean. The only glass product that cannot be recycled are panes of window glass, specifically frosted glass.


Metal food packaging like tin cans and aluminium cans can be recycled however, metal appliances cannot. These can be collected during the inorganic waste product collection service.

At Junk2Go we are very passionate about the environment. That is why we do our best to separate junk from potentially reusable items. All recyclable products are sorted and sent to an approved recycling facility, while all green waste is composted for reuse right here in Auckland.

Removal of reusable items

While we collect a range of trash for disposal for your benefit, we don’t simply toss the lot to make our lives easier. We work hard to reduce the amount of waste transferred to landfills. Not only do we sort every load to ensure all recyclable products are removed and all green waste is composted, we also donate any reusable goods to charity. This may mean more work for us but if it means we get to help the environment and give back to the community, then we think it is definitely worth it!

Sometimes it is hard to see how your old dining table or couch could possibly go to help someone in need but charities all around New Zealand are helping kiwis get by through providing access to affordable homewares, clothes and food parcels. When you donate your unwanted items you are not only helping someone acquire otherwise unaffordable products, you are also helping the charities themselves help those who need it most.

Tips for reducing the amount of rubbish for removal

It is really quite remarkable how much rubbish a family can create – the average Aucklander sends around 160kgs of rubbish to landfill each year, with 50% of that made up of food scraps. However, with a little effort, we can work to reduce the amount of rubbish we create.

It may seem easier to just dump all those old newspapers and magazines in the rubbish pile for removal but when recycling is a free alternative that can also help the environment, why not take a little time reduce the load?

The same goes for green waste and food scraps. Composting is a relatively easy and affordable system that can hugely reduce your weekly volume of trash. It also reduces odours in your home and around your rubbish bin. What’s more, compost is great for your garden and if you don’t have a veggie garden, why not start one? Not only can it reduce your grocery bill, it can also help to lower the amount of packaging you bring home from the supermarket.

A infographic showing what you can put in your compost

Not everyone has time to sort through their old junk and make multiple trips around the place – to the recycling centre, the dump, the charity shops and so on. That is why we’re here. We do all the heavy lifting, the sorting and running around so that you don’t have to. By hiring Junk2Go for your rubbish removal you know that you are doing your bit for the community and the environment. Contact us today to book or get a quote!