Moving House

Moving House Rubbish Removal


Moving Out


Moving house is a stressful time for anyone, with an overwhelming number of things to sort out and not enough time to do it in. To top it off, it’s often not until you start packing that you realise just how much stuff you actually own and, sometimes, do not need. While some of it may have sentimental value, be it functional or decorative, there are many items we hold onto just for the sake of it.

 Having to sort through unwanted stuff may add to the stress, but it is also the best time to declutter. Instead of boxing up unnecessarily and hauling it over to the new house, why not have it removed altogether? 

 Junk2Go make moving house rubbish removal fast and easy - unlike when you hire a skip bin, we provide a full rubbish removal service, taking out your rubbish for you and even sweeping up afterwards, allowing you to concentrate on the business of moving house without having to worry about what to do with all the stuff you no longer need.  


Moving In


We can also help with any unexpected junk you  might find in your new home. The last thing anyone wants to encounter when they turn up to take possession of their new home is a house full of rubbish left behind by the previous owner. While it is customary to hand over a home in tip-top condition, completely cleared out and squeaky clean, it is not always the case.

Far too often people find their new home full of miscellaneous items like old bathroom products, personal items, old cleaning products and kitchen items. Basically, trash. When the moving truck has just pulled into the driveway though, there is no time to hire a skip bin. Besides, do you really want a skip bin sitting in the driveway taking up space, or indenting your lawn while you try to fill it to its limits? In these cases, Junk2Go’s full rubbish removal service can take care of unexpected junk for you quickly and easily. 

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