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Rubbish Disposal

There are many times in life where we end up with too much (or the wrong kind) of rubbish to dispose of with weekly rubbish collection. Rubbish disposal can prove to be a major challenge whether you are clearing the attic, the garage, decluttering or moving to a new home. At these times, there can be far too much rubbish to put out for collection or all kinds of larger items that can’t be collected. And even if you’re willing to consider a few trips to the dump, it might take several carloads to get rid of everything, and some items might be too large or unsafe for you to transport on your own. 

There is the option of hiring a skip bin for rubbish disposal, but this can prove to be a lot of work. For one thing, you will have to carry everything to the skip bin yourself - even those heavier items such as old furniture and broken appliances. And you will end up paying for the full volume of the skip bin, even if what you have to throw away doesn’t fill it. 

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Choose Our Rubbish Disposal Service

Junk2Go makes the process of rubbish disposal much easier and faster. Our team can generally come and pick up your rubbish on the same day - we will provide a quote once onsite and confirm it before any work is carried out. Our team takes care of all of the heavy lifting for you - all you need to do is point out what needs removing. We will even do a quick cleanup afterwards!

We also check the items we collect to see if they can be reused - reusable goods are recycled where possible and redistributed back into the community.

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