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House clearance

There are times in life when we have to empty rubbish from our property. This could be when we have just bought a new home, when we are moving into a new rental or have moved out of either.

When it comes to moving, there is one thing that is always a hassle – cleaning up the mess. Most often, it is sorting through the last few knick-knacks and dumping all the rubbish that is the most time consuming and arduous. This is a great opportunity to hire a team of professionals to make the task easier.

When you call Junk2Go to assist with your house clearance, you can be rest assured that they will take any unwanted furniture – new or old – and remove your rubbish. They will even sweep up afterwards!

Moving house rubbish removal

Moving boxes from house moving

The last thing anyone wants to find when they turn up to take possession of their new home is a house full of rubbish left behind by the previous owner. While it is customary to hand over a home in tip-top condition, completely cleared out and squeaky clean, it is not always the case.

Far too often people find their new home full of miscellaneous items like old bathroom products, personal items, old cleaning products and kitchen items. Basically, trash. When the moving truck has just pulled into the driveway though, there is no time to hire a skip bin. Besides, do you really want a skip bin sitting in the driveway taking up space, or indenting your lawn while you try to fill it to its limits? The last thing you have time for when you are trying to unpack is dealing with someone else’s rubbish!

The same goes for when you are moving out of a home. Years and years of quietly acquired possessions can find their way into your closets. It is not until you start packing that you realise just how much stuff you actually own, and sometimes, do not need. While some of it may have sentimental value, be it functional or decorative, there’s often items we just hold onto just for the sake of it.

Moving home is a great time to declutter. Go through your bookshelves, wardrobe and pantry to omit anything that no longer brings you joy!

Why spend time and energy boxing it all up and hauling it into the new house if you don’t even need it anymore?

Of course, all of that unwanted junk is going to have to be disposed of and moving is a busy time so make life easier – call a fully licensed rubbish removal company. Junk2Go teams are available 7 days a week and, in most cases, we can even offer same day rubbish removal service.

Rental property rubbish removal

A landlord can get caught out by assuming that all they need is half a day to give the flat a quick clean before they hand the keys over to the new tenants. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Some tenants are amazing, they leave the property in better shape than they found it. Some tenants, however, do not and leave piles of their rubbish at your property. It can be due to time restraints or not having transport available to remove unwanted items or rubbish. Whatever the reason, it can leave landlords pressed for time, trying to clear old furniture, household items and even food.

Rubbish piled up for house clearance rubbish removal


We’d just flown in from Melbourne that morning to do a quick clean up. We assumed the tenants had cleared the place, but they hadn’t. They must have been in a hurry because they left heaps behind! Washing baskets, cleaning products, even paintings on the wall. We called them to see if they wanted it and they didn’t. ‘Dump the lot’ they said. It’s not always that easy when you’re in a hurry!         

– Gerry, Landlord.

The great thing about hiring a rubbish removal company to assist with rental property rubbish removal is that they can take (almost) everything. From green waste, building supplies, general waste to old furniture that may be useful and given to charity. If there is anything that cannot be picked up, Junk2Go’s rubbish removal experts can help advise you on how to dispose of it ethically.

Rubbish removal is something to consider if you are the tenant in the scenario too. Often, failure to remove unwanted possessions and rubbish from a property can mean a loss of some or all of the bond. Basically, if it costs the landlord their time, money and energy to clear, it will come out of your bond.

If you are in a hurry, or don’t have access to a trailer or skip bin, why not hire a rubbish removal company? Junk2Go offers a quote-based system that takes into account factors like the volume of rubbish and time. If you are happy with the on-site quote, they will do all the hard work. You don’t have to help, or even be there! Junk2Go makes moving out simpler.

Rubbish removal from estate liquidations

When it comes to moving into a home that was sold via mortgagee sale, it is not uncommon for items to have been left behind. Often times, the home’s previous owners may have left in a hurry without access to a storage or adequate space to keep all of their possessions. Mostly, it’s the lower value items that get left behind, like shabby furniture or old linen. While some of it may be useful to someone, there is also a chance a lot of it could simply be rubbish.

If you find yourself left with a lot of unwanted items, both trash and perhaps treasure, it’s a great idea to contact a rubbish removal service who also donate quality goods to charity shops etc. While you may not want that old couch, someone might. By hiring Junk2Go to assist with your estate liquidation, you will know that any items that still have life in them will be put to good use.

Whatever your need for house clearance rubbish removal, Junk2Go can help make the moving in and moving out process simpler and less stressful. It’s already a hectic time so why not do yourself a favour and let a fully licensed team of rubbish removal experts help? We will do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Contact us today to make a booking or talk to us about your rubbish removal needs by calling 0800 586 524 for free.