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Auckland commercial waste collection

Commercial waste collection can be a major task for businesses, complying with the accepted standards and procedures. Often the solution for business is the hiring of bins with periodic emptying, but some jobs require a different approach. The Junk2Go team is made up of efficient and well-trained professionals who can take your commercial waste and dispose of it properly. We can offer the perfect solution to issues arising from what your regular contractors can take, or for unusual amounts of waste that your regular emptying schedule won’t accomodate.

Our team can make things easy for you by collecting all of your commercial junk including paper, cans, foodstuffs and more. We can deal with anything and everything that needs to be collected from your commercial premises.

Junk2Go is fully licensed and insured to take care of your commercial waste collection, so you can have a clean space and peace of mind. Book online or call us now for more information or an estimate.

Commercial waste collection Auckland locations

Our commercial waste collection service is offered in the greater Auckland region. View our locations on the map below, or click your region for more information:

Auckland commercial waste collection locations map

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Commercial waste piled waiting for collection.

What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is any solid waste that comes from materials used for the purpose of business or trade. It can range from food products, packaging and paper, to just about anything that becomes junk from your commercial premises. The main difference between domestic or household waste and commercial waste is the extra consideration needed around safety, environmental hazards and commercial waste industry standards.

Junk2Go is a fully licensed rubbish removal company that can help you meet those standards and sort out your commercial waste collection needs.

How can we service your commercial waste needs?

Our Auckland commercial waste collection service is simple, efficient and great value. We’ll assess the commercial waste that needs removal and provide you with a quote. If you are happy with that quote, we remove it for you and take care of the correct disposal. We care about the environment, and collected waste is recycled as much as possible. The service is flexible, convenient and thorough. We sweep up when we’re done, so your problem is solved and you can focus on your business, not your commercial waste!

We can also deal with disposal of office furniture and equipment, recycling or repurposing wherever possible to give you an ethical alternative to landfill.

Commercial waste collection pricing

Our pricing is competitive and we can give you a quote prior to beginning the job. We do the hard work for you, so it saves your business time and you’re not locked into long-term contracts and monthly charges. You tell us what needs removing and we’ll tell you what it will cost, with no fuss or hassles. Give us a call and get a quote now.

Environmentally friendly service

We really do care about the environment, and recycle or repurpose as many of the items we collect as possible. Up to 70% of our collected items are recycled or repurposed and we often donate goods to local charities. Find out more in our FAQs or check out our blog post on Being a greenie.

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