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Green Waste Collection

A recent bout of gardening may have left you with an unwanted accumulation of plant matter that you are unsure how to get rid of. Junk2Go take all of the hassle out of disposing of green waste and make sure that it’s processed in an environmentally friendly way.

What is green waste?

Green waste is biodegradable waste that can be composed of garden or park waste, including grass or hedge trimmings.

Green waste is different from brown waste because it is higher in nitrogen rather than being high in carbon. Examples of brown waste include sawdust and pine cones, which can also be sustainably composted. (We can collect these for you as well, along with any man-made garden waste). Green waste can make composting other waste more efficient, and reintroduces nutrients back into the environment when it is composted and returned to the soil.

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Our Green Waste Service

We recycle green waste in large composting areas in Auckland. You can be rest assured that your green waste will be turned into natural compost or similar and not end up in a landfill, which is great for our planet.

Once you book a green waste collection with Junk2Go our team will take care of everything, including all the heavy lifting and the cleanup once the green waste has been removed. Call 0800 586 524 to make a booking today.