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Furniture Disposal Auckland – Cutting Down on Furniture and Other Clutter with a Smaller Home

Furniture Disposal Auckland  – Reducing Clutter with A Smaller Home You may at have found yourself wondering, in the middle of clearing out an overladen wardrobe or cupboard, how so much junk could possibly have accumulated in your home. And while we all know that part of the answer lies in our natural tendency to hoard and have trouble getting rid of things, this tendency has probably only been made worse by a relatively recent change to lifestyles, namely, bigger houses. In larger western countries such as the US, it’s been well-documented that houses are growing larger. According to one…
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Hoarders vs. Compulsive Junk Liberators: What’s the best balance?

Look around you and take note – how much stuff in your house do you actually use? These days we have more stuff than we could ever actually need – clothes we don’t wear, appliances we don’t use, and piles of things stored away that we can’t even see. Everywhere we go we’re confronted with consumerism. You need a new wardrobe. You need a new blender. The onslaught is relentless and it’s hard to abstain from spending money when we’re told that we deserve to treat ourselves. Studies show that families this day and age are smaller, but our homes…
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