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Renovating – How to keep your building site safe and tidy


Kiwis are DIY enthusiasts – there’s no denying it. We spend our Saturdays at Mitre 10 Mega – if only for the fundraiser BBQ outside – and our Sundays knocking down walls and knocking up fences. But with all that ‘enthusiasm’ we tend to make a bit of a mess. Keeping a tidy work site is important for protecting your family and pets from dust and debris, but it’s also important when it comes to upholding the terms of your home and contents insurance, and the regulations of your local council. While most DIY work won’t require a building consent,…
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Kicking the Hoarding Habit – How To Free Yourself of Junk

Kicking the Hoarding Habit Shows like Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive have delved into the personal lives of diagnosed hoarders to highlight the impact Hoarding Disorder can have on one’s personal and family life. Whilst compulsive hoarding is quite rare, lesser variations of the behaviour are commonplace, with many of us claiming ‘sentimental value’ or ‘a collection’ as the reason for our excessive clutter. Now that Autumn is here and Summer well and truly over, we’re starting to dig out the warmer clothes and stow away our BBQs and outdoor furniture. When these simple tasks become a chore (there isn’t…
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Decluttering before your big house move

Whether you’re a student moving flats for the umpteenth time, an expanding family shifting to a bigger abode, or a couple downsizing from the family home to your smaller retirement haven, you should probably consider some decluttering and junk removal before settling into your new Auckland castle. Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, particularly for children. Not only are you faced with packing up all of your belongings (and perhaps your children’s too), you’re usually faced with time and space constraints that impact what you choose to pack and what…
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