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Be a greenie with Junk2Go

Get rid of your green waste like a pro PSA: green is the new black. If you haven’t heard, eco-conscious living is the way of the future, and if you’re not on board already, jump on the bandwagon! We’ve all heard those stories: the amazing young couples who have a huge vege garden in the back, a great compost system and a worm farm to boot – and as amazing as it is, to the average joe it can seem like an unattainable eco-utopia. What with working daily, looking after the family and just the general hustle-bustle of everyday life,…
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Green Waste Removal in Autumn: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

As the days get a little darker and a lot colder, the smell of autumn comes alive. From the earthy, musty smell of nature to the smoky smell of your log burner, we are constantly surrounded by the incredible aromas of this wonderful season. It’s not hard to say goodbye to those sun-drenched days of summer, unless of course, you’re saying hello to massive piles of garden waste that have built up in your yard! Autumn might be your favourite time of year, but did you know that your lawn shares the sentiment?! After the intense heat and dryness of…
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