Alternative Dumpster Rental: 3 Unconventional Uses for the Conventional Dumpster

Alternative Dumpster Rental

3 Unconventional Uses for the Conventional Dumpster

Most of us view dumpsters as big containers highly useful for disposing of unwanted junk. But some enterprising individuals, not content to stop at recycling its contents, have put their efforts into finding some imaginative ways to reuse the humble dumpster. We thought we’d share our three favourite reinventions of the dumpster below.

Swimming Pool

During a hot summer in New York back in 2009, a crafty New York design company called Macro Sea decided to turn the concept of ‘dumpster diving’ on its head. They came up with the idea of converting dumpsters into pools, and installing them around the Brooklyn neighborhood. Perhaps in an attempt to prevent these swimming holes from becoming mobbed, the organisers decided decided not to reveal where the pools w

ere located – but this only succeeded in making them more popular. A dumpster pool party beside Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal drew numerous filmmakers, subsequently featuring prominently in the Arts portion of the New York Times.

Art Gallery

As discussed in last month’s blog post, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so what could be more fitting than turning the traditional large trash container into an art gallery? That’s what artist Mac Premo decided to do when he converted a 30 yard dumpster into a mobile gallery with more than five hundred items collected over several decades. Baseball cards, scrolls from fortune cookies, drawings and various other treasured personal trinkets that might otherwise have been thrown away were included. The mobile dumpster travelled to the PULSE Art Fair in Miami before being put on display in Brooklyn, which seems to be something of a hotspot when it comes to dumpster innovation.




Dr Jeff Wilson, founder of The Dumpster Project, led a project which converted a small dumpster into a habitable dwelling. In the initial phase of development, the roof was improved and the interior of the dumpster renovated, including the addition of a raised floor so that a basement area below could be used to store clothing and cooking equipment and solar lighting. Mains connection, electrical appliances and even air conditioning were added – probably a necessity, given the dumpster dwelling’s Texas location. Talk about efficient use of space!

We’d prefer it if you didn’t turn one of our dumpsters into a swimming pool (or any of the other projects above, for that matter), but if conventional dumpster rental is what you are after, then Junk2Go have got you covered. Give us a call on 0800 586 524 today.