The Journey to Junk Pickup – A Brief History of Waste Disposal

 Junk Pickup – A Brief History Hauling that leaky fridge up the driveway for inorganic collection might seem like a literal pain in the back. But take a look at how our forefathers had it, and you’ll see that we really have ended up at the top of the heap here in modern-day Auckland when it comes to junk pickup waste disposal. Rubbish really is a problem as old (or maybe even older) than civilisation itself, and humans throughout the ages have tried all sorts of ways of dealing with it. It’s hardly a surprise to learn that the  Ancient…
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The Future of Rubbish Removal

Rubbish is a part of life. There’s no way around it. As humans we cannot help but create waste. Whether it be food scraps, thread bare clothing, damaged goods that are unable to be mended, or simply used packaging materials, one way or another, we will have items we need to dispose of. Nobody likes living in mess and it has been proven that living in an unorganised, cluttered environment can increase our stress levels significantly. Inevitably, we will always have rubbish to dispose of. Luckily we are able to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, by…
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How To Reduce Food Waste

Food Waste ready for compost

We’re pretty lucky here in New Zealand. While fruit and vegetables do seem to cost a lot, we have access to a good supply of relatively inexpensive and nutritious food. As a country though, we’re not so good at eating all of it. Large amounts of food end up in our rubbish. New Zealanders throw away over 122,000 tonnes of food each year, which is enough to feed the everyone in Dunedin for two years! This problem is not unique to New Zealand. Globally, one-third of all food produced is wasted. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes (that’s billion, with a b),…
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8 Myths About Rubbish

Image of a rubbish dump where rubbish removal ends up

Rubbish might not be the most interesting topic to think about, but it is important that we dispose of it correctly. When we understand some of the misconceptions and myths about rubbish, we are better able to make decisions and reduce the impact we have on the environment. Rubbish, waste & recycling myths 1. “There’s no point recycling, it goes into one truck and is sent to a landfill” After your rubbish is collected, it goes to Auckland’s recovery facilities.  It is then separated  into steel and aluminium, paper and cardboard, plastic and glass. Recyclables are baled and sent to…
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Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Outdoor furniture cleaning during winter

Winter Spring Cleaning Tips It may seem like summer is a long way off, but now is a great time to prepare your house for the warmer months. If you get those big chores out of the way now, you get to enjoy more hours of those long warm days when summer finally arrives.   Here are a few simple ideas that you can get accomplished in a weekend or two. Make more use of your dishwasher A dishwasher isn’t just for dishes. Old glass lampshades, plastic toys, toothbrush holders, garden containers and other items can be popped into the…
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10 Surprising Facts About Rubbish

E-waste pile for disposal and rubbish removal

Ten interesting facts about rubbish It may not be a subject we pay much heed to – by its very nature rubbish is something we want to get rid of, not chat about in the lunch room. However, some of the facts around rubbish management are almost unfathomable. We all know that as humans we create waste, but very few of us know just how much. It’s easy to think that when we dispose of our garbage each week, it is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but you may be surprised at just long it takes most non-organic items…
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Tips and Tricks for De-cluttering the Office

Cluttered office desk with paperwork and coffee cups

Cleaning up the office In a recent survey, 57% of workers admitted to judging a colleague based on the cleanliness of their workspace. When it comes to productivity and a happy working environment, cleaning and decluttering your office can make a big difference. Whether you’re the boss of a small business or just trying to organise your own space to be as focused as possible, we’ve gathered some great tips on keeping your space clean and organised. Only keep what you need at arm’s length When it comes to your desk and immediate workspace, a handy rule of thumb is…
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Cost of Illegal Rubbish Removal by Rogue Removal Companies

Rubbish dumped by a river by unlicensed rubbish removal company

Illegal rubbish removal – ruined reputations and damaged ecosystems We’re a small country.  268,021 km² of country to be exact.  If a load of rubbish gets dumped somewhere it shouldn’t go, it gets noticed. 99% of us are proud of our country and we’re keen to demonstrate our clean, green attitudes to the next generation. We teach our children not to throw their wrappers out the car window, we tell them to use the bin provided at the beach, we take our rubbish with us after the picnic. But what message is it sending when irresponsible law-breakers take it upon…
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The Real Cost of Rubbish Removal

Rubbish piled up for house clearance rubbish removal

As Kiwis, it’s practically hard-wired into our DNA to complete what we consider basic DIY jobs around the home without any “intervention” from a qualified tradesperson. Apart from it being a badge of honour and something akin to a national pastime, we get to congratulate ourselves on the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars we reckon we’ve saved by not calling in the experts. But have you ever stopped to think about the REAL cost of doing something as seemingly mundane as rubbish removal? It’s not always as straightforward as you might think, and it could be stopping you from…
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Be a greenie with Junk2Go

Get rid of your green waste like a pro PSA: green is the new black. If you haven’t heard, eco-conscious living is the way of the future, and if you’re not on board already, jump on the bandwagon! We’ve all heard those stories: the amazing young couples who have a huge vege garden in the back, a great compost system and a worm farm to boot – and as amazing as it is, to the average joe it can seem like an unattainable eco-utopia. What with working daily, looking after the family and just the general hustle-bustle of everyday life,…
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