Rubbish bin and skip bin Hire in Auckland there are alternatives

Our skip bin hire alternative

With a long weekend in Auckland fast approaching, many people will use the time to do some extra work in the garden or get stuck into the odd small DIY project! Of course, many people will also be away.

A few tips on dealing with and getting rid of that extra rubbish and junk you may generate this weekend:

How to get rid of your rubbish?

There are many choices to get your rubbish removed.

Skip bin hire alternative

We offer a great skip bin hire alternative where we load for you. We find that a lot of our customers don’t have the time or the energy to hire a skip, load it up and then get it taken away. With us, you don’t have to worry, keep working on your DIY project and we’ll take care of removing the rubbish for you! What’s more, is that you won’t have to worry about having a skip bin outside your house for a few days as we can often pick up the same day that you call. Don’t forget you will need a good idea of the amount of rubbish you may generate in order to choose the size of the bin you pre-order. These range from a 2 cubic metre bin, 3-4 cube metre, and up to a 9 cube meter skip bin. There also bigger bins for that huge rubbish removal job. Keep in mind that when you hire a skip bin you will need to allow yourself enough time to load. Sometimes this may take a few hours or days.

Rubbish removal

You can have your household rubbish removed in the Auckland region, often on the same day that you can. If you want to know if you are applicable to get your rubbish removed on the same day, see here. 

You could be doing a big overhaul in your house, or maybe you just want to remove a bit of the clutter to create a calmer, minimalist haven for your home. Whatever it is, we can definitely help you.

Commercial waste

We also remove commercial waste. Usually we help with office moves or clean-ups, taking away all your rubbish and junk quickly so you can get on with the move. We’re professional and our staff are friendly and well-presented, so you can be sure that we can make your commercial waste removal run as smoothly as possible.

Contact Junk 2 Go today

So what’s the EASY OPTION? Ring up a company like us at who will take care of everything for you! We provide a FREE QUOTE upon arrival at your property or business for the rubbish and junk removal. The quote includes tip fees at the transfer station, loading of the junk and gst. Also, a nice sweep and tidy-up of the area before we go!  This is the option for you if you’re looking to spend more time enjoying life, or just getting on with other jobs like gardening and renovation.

A few tips to remove your rubbish:

1. Most skip bins won’t allow concrete and soil in a bin with general rubbish. See a full list of what you can and can’t load into your skip.

2. Paint is not allowed to be taken to the transfer station but can be taken to a hazmobile.  For more details go to:

3. Garden waste and green waste are often taken to different transfer stations. It can be really helpful if you separate out the different types of rubbish that you have. This is also great for the environment!

And…most importantly, ENJOY your long weekend! Relax, take it easy, and call Auckland’s best junk and rubbish removal team: 0800 JUNK-2-GO?

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