Preparing your property for sale. Junk2Go’s Top 15 Tips.

Junk removal truck

As any good marketing expert will tell you, the best way to connect with your customers is to see through their eyes, to understand and improve their perceptions of you.  We probably all strive to achieve this on a daily basis at work, but there’s one time in our personal lives when we really need to see through our customer’s eyes too – and that’s when we’re selling our house.

First impressions count.  Did you know that most buyers’ opinions are formed within the first 30 seconds of seeing a house?

Therefore, based on professional property advice, Junk2Go have compiled our Top 15 Tips to help your place stand out from the crowd.

1.      Plant flowers or group flowers together.  Even better, plant yellow flowers.  Apparently yellow evokes a buying emotion!

2.      Weed the beds, trim the bushes and sweep up the leaves.*

3.      Mow and trim your lawns regularly.  Mowing your lawns once and then once again a week later so that they look immaculate for that all-important open home.*

4.      Clean the BBQ and place it on the deck.  People will visualise happy, fun times when they live there.

5.      While you’re on the deck, bang down any loose nails.  These can be really painful if you stand on them.

6.      Replace the old mail box and /or faded house numbers.*

7.      Move the recycling and rubbish bins away from the entrance of the property.

8.      Ensure the garage is tidy and junk-free.*

9.      Remove any old building materials that have been hanging around since you did that renovation 10 years ago.*

10.   Eliminate clutter.  We love our clutter; it reminds us of times past but it doesn’t sell homes!* More tips on decluttering your house.

11.   De-clutter the kitchen.  Remove any old appliances that don’t work or that you don’t use.*

12.   Wash down the bathroom walls and remove any mould.  (Hide the Exit Mould before the buyers arrive!)

13.   Cob webs are not cool!  Quickly go round the house with a long-armed duster.

14.   Eliminate old, musty smells by having your carpets and drapes professionally cleaned.  If you’ve smokers at the property, make sure they only smoke outside – and that they remove their cigarette butts.

15.   Now, stand at your front door and look into your property.  Does your home feel welcoming?


Moving house is always near the top of “Things that stress you out” lists.  Hopefully, our guidelines will help give you an advantage when you sell your home.  And, wherever you see an asterisk * remember that’s an opportunity for Junk2Go to further assist you!