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Cheap Skip Bins – Thinking About Where Waste Goes

If you’re currently on the lookout for cheap skip bins to take care of some excess household waste, it’s likely that although price and convenience are important, you also want your rubbish to end up in the right place. As we become ever more aware of the environmental problems that are caused by improper waste disposal, more and more people are interested in learning about how to recycle and reuse more.  Communities that excel at minimising waste are therefore increasingly of interest, so it’s unsurprising that Kanimatsu, a small town with a population of under 2,000 located in southwestern Japan,…
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The World of Dumpster Diving

As Junk2Go’s staff know from ample experience, finding a way to dispose of the excess stuff that accumulates over time is a challenge many people face. Even when budgets are tight, it seems hard to live in the modern world without finding ourselves surrounded with things we no longer have a use for, at which point many people find themselves turning towards mini skip bin hire or, better yet, the skip bin hire alternative that Junk2Go offers. However, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, as the saying goes, and accordingly there are some people who do things the other…
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Weird Things Found In Skip Bins

4 of the Strangest Things Found in Skip Bins At Junk2Go, we don’t make you rent a skip bin – instead we offer a skip bin hire alternative where we load our bins for you, clean up afterwards, and only charge for the rubbish we take away. As a result, we are able to make sure that everything we take really is junk. Skip bins aren’t usually loaded by the same people who take them away, however, and this can sometimes lead to some strange things turning up in them. We’ve done a little fossicking, and come up with 4…
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Top Waste Collection Services from Around the World

Waste Collection Services from Around the World While we’re proud of our junk pickup service here at Junk2Go, we can’t help but take our hat off to some of the waste collection initiatives going on around the world. Cleverly utilising advances in technology and infrastructure,  a number of countries both rich and poor have managed to dramatically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, and some have even produced some surprising side-benefits from their waste. Sweden, already competent at recycling a large portion of its waste conventionally, has managed to ensure that less than 1% of the remainder ends…
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Kicking the Hoarding Habit – How To Free Yourself of Junk

Kicking the Hoarding Habit Shows like Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive have delved into the personal lives of diagnosed hoarders to highlight the impact Hoarding Disorder can have on one’s personal and family life. Whilst compulsive hoarding is quite rare, lesser variations of the behaviour are commonplace, with many of us claiming ‘sentimental value’ or ‘a collection’ as the reason for our excessive clutter. Now that Autumn is here and Summer well and truly over, we’re starting to dig out the warmer clothes and stow away our BBQs and outdoor furniture. When these simple tasks become a chore (there isn’t…
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Winter Junk & Rubbish Removal in Auckland

As we say goodbye to a long hot summer, it’s time to think about those Winter jobs! Here are a few tips on preparing your property and business for winter. Firewood – if you have firewood stored for winter it is a great time to turn pieces over to ensure the logs are dry and ready to burn when you need them. Log Burner – now is a good time to get your chimney swept before the winter rush hits. We have ours done every year and believe it helps the performance of the burner. Gutters – Clear your gutters…
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Cleaning Up Over the Summer: You Name It, We Remove It!

Hope everyone in Auckland has been having a great summer so far! At Junk-2-Go, it’s been a wonderful summer – perfect conditions for junk removal in Auckland. You name it, this summer we have removed it – from single fridges to multiple truck-loads of household junk! We often get asked, “what items do you remove?” The answer is simple: Anything non-hazardous that 2 strong men can lift safely. So have a look around – anything you want to get rid of? Then call us! If we can help you with rubbish removal in Auckland this summer email us or call…
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Summer Junk Removal in Auckland

Summer is on the way and with plenty of public holidays coming up over the holiday period there is never a better time to start to get rid of that junk and rubbish that has been with you all year. It’s amazing we find so often people only get rid of their rubbish when they are moving house and have had the junk stored on their property for years, so deal to that “junk2go” today!

Auckland Weather: Rubbish in the Rain

With winter drawing to a close and spring soon upon us, we reflect on what has been a relatively good winter for the 0800JUNK2GO team of rubbish and waste movers. Winter started off rather cold and dry which is perfect weather for junk removal in Auckland. Nothing like a crisp day to get the blood flowing! Then it seems like for the last month it has rained almost every day – probably the reason we have been so busy! Why on earth would you spend all day outside in the rain loading up trailers or bins with rubbish when you…
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Auckland User-Pays Rubbish Collection

There has been much debate this week in Auckland about changing the way households dispose of their waste and rubbish, including their recycling. The new system looks likely to be a user-pays system. This could be a system that encourages people to recycle more items (which would be awesome – less waste to the landfill has to be a good thing) – but it also brings up some tricky issues. For example, will people start throwing their rubbish into their neighbours’ rubbish or wheelie bins so they don’t get charged as much? Will people just illegally dump their rubbish to…
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