Rubbish Removal Auckland Licensing

Rubbish Removal Auckland Licensing

When it comes to rubbish removal from your home or property, there are a number of options. You can hire a skip bin and spend the weekend loading up all your unwanted items and rubbish or you can hire a trailer and then drive your waste to the tip where you unload it. You can also hire a company to come and remove your rubbish for you.

Hiring a skip bin, however, means you can get caught out. You may think you have enough junk to fill it but when you start loading up, you find the skip is only half full. You spend the next few weeks with the skip indenting your lawn, trying to fill it to capacity to get the most bang for your buck.

Hiring a trailer and making a trip to the dump can be slightly cheaper than hiring a skip bin, though that does depend on how the tip charges. Some tips charge based on weight, others charge a flat rate. It pays to check first to see how they work, otherwise, you may find yourself paying top dollar for a small load. Also, if you have a large volume of rubbish to remove, you may need to make multiple trips, costing you even more in petrol.

Often, the easiest alternative when it comes to rubbish removal is to hire someone to collect your junk for you. With that said, be cautious, if a company’s rates seem too good to be true, they probably are. When you pay for a cheap service, that is what you get. You might get collectors who cannot take large loads or refuse to collect large items or building supplies. What’s more is that you may pay a company to remove your trash, only to have them dump it illegally.

Rubbish removal operators and illegal dumping

The illegal dumping of rubbish has become a huge issue in Auckland area, with 472 infringement notices being filed in the last five years. These fines have totalled a huge amount of $94,350.

Far too often, people pay for rubbish to be removed, only for it to be dumped illegally. This usually occurs with cowboy companies, who are not registered or licensed. In an attempt to flout a miserly tip fee, they instead dump rubbish loads in undeveloped suburbs, near beaches or in some cases, simply on the road side.

Illegally dumped rubbish is a major health hazard that can spread infectious diseases and contaminate waterways. More so, it looks and smells disgusting and seriously hampers the green image of our cities and regions.

Illegally dumped rubbish in amongst trees

The major issue with illegally dumped rubbish is that those who have paid to have the rubbish removed are often accused of being the culprits of the dumping. If there are any identifying items in the rubbish load, it can lead straight back to you, lumbering you with a hefty fine under the Litter Act.  Though often, being shamed on social media can be even worse.

While the holiday period is a common time for illegal rubbish dumping, it can also become a trend when tip charges increase. Rubbish disposal facilities do their best to plan price increases to prevent the risk of illegal rubbish dumping.

Rubbish removal licensing

If you choose to hire a rubbish removal company to collect your junk, it is important to understand that companies who charge a reasonable rate do so because they are running a fully licensed, ethical business. If someone offers to remove your rubbish for a super cheap rate, it is highly likely that they do not have the required training or license to do the job adequately.

Under the Solid Waste Bylaw 2012, rubbish removal companies that transport over 20 tonnes of waste in a 12 month period must be fully licensed. The purpose of this is to ensure that rubbish is disposed of ethically. Rubbish removal businesses are also required to complete regular waste data reports. This helps to reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily sent to landfills.

When you hire a licensed, fully insured and award winning company like Junk2Go, you know that you are getting the best service possible. Not only are our team members friendly and efficient, they also ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly. Old furniture that still has life in it is donated to charity, green waste is composted, all in a bid to do what is best for the environment.

Tips for choosing a rubbish removal service

Hire a company

When it comes to hiring someone to collect your rubbish, it pays to hire an established company. It may seem like a great deal when you find an individual on Facebook, willing to collect your trash for $50 cash, but how do you know that they will do a good job? They might not turn up or they might leave half of your rubbish behind. What’s more, they may not even take it to the dump, leaving you to deal with a possible fine. Opt for a company with a good track record. Junk2Go has been operating for over 10 years with rave reviews from customers.

Confirm if the company is licensed

All rubbish collection companies in the Auckland area must be licensed under the Solid Waste Act. Auckland Council has a list of licensed Auckland rubbish removal companies so that you can check for yourself. If a company is not licensed, not only are they operating illegally, they also may not be disposing of rubbish ethically.

Do they have a website?

These days, most professional businesses will have a website that gives you an idea of the services they offer, charges, experience and values. If they do not have a website it can be a red flag that they are not an established company.

How do they charge?

It’s important to ask how they charge. In some cases, they may offer a flat rate or charge by the truckload. This is fine, however, if you do not have a full truck load to be removed, you may end up paying more than you need to.

Junk2Go offers an onsite quote based system – we calculate how much rubbish there is to collect and how long it will take us to carry it out after we have seen the rubbish. If you are happy with the quote we get to work. We do all the heavy lifting and also sweep up after. We can also remove heavy items that two men can safely lift – like old whiteware or furniture – from where they are. This saves you the hassle of lugging items downstairs yourself.

When a company’s rates seem far too good to be true, they usually are. Save yourself the stress and hire a rubbish removal company you can trust.