Clear-Out Now for a Healthy Home This Winter


Autumn is here, and with shorter days and cooler nights, it’s time for cozy nights in with the family. But is your place ready for more time indoors?

Now is the perfect time for a clear-out that will make your home more comfortable, and healthier too! Old linens, upholstery, and cardboard boxes are ideal hosts for damp and mould. Mildew on cardboard can appear as a “dusty” semi-translucent white powder. Check any storage boxes in your home for this tell-tale sign, and switch to lidded plastic boxes. Then call JUNK-2-GO to take away all the old cardboard boxes and anything in them that has outlived its usefulness!

We are happy to help with your home clear-out project – we’ll lift and load all your junk and take it away for you! You’ll be amazed how much better your place looks and feels (“I didn’t realize this room was so BIG!”) and you’ll be ready to kick back and enjoy your home this winter.

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