Winter Junk & Rubbish Removal in Auckland


As we say goodbye to a long hot summer, it’s time to think about those Winter jobs! Here are a few tips on preparing your property and business for winter.

Firewood – if you have firewood stored for winter it is a great time to turn pieces over to ensure the logs are dry and ready to burn when you need them.

Log Burner – now is a good time to get your chimney swept before the winter rush hits. We have ours done every year and believe it helps the performance of the burner.

Gutters – Clear your gutters of leaves and debris. There is nothing like trying to unblock gutters that are over-flowing with rain.

It is also a perfect opportunity to get rid of that junk in your spare room. There is no point spending valuable dollars heating a room full of junk! As always, JUNK-2-GO is here to help. Call us to remove your junk – household items, green waste, renovation waste, or commercial rubbish. Have fun preparing your property, stay safe and warm this winter.

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